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Winston Barton – Lead of Tech, Bline

Break the language barrier. Simple and friendly platform to connect with people around the world.

Start a project anywhere. Easy, faster, and intuitive access to hundreds of projects that you can start anywhere, anytime.

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“At GleeSee, we discover a community of high-quality customers that value our work.”

 Kim Kennedy – Graphic Designer – 17 Projects Completed.

“GleeSee is the most valuable community we have EVER joined. We discovered the perfect team for our project in minutes and without wasting more time in recruitment.”
Taylor Reeves
Founder Twire, INC
“GleeSee did exactly what they said it does. They help me connect with high-quality clients without charging insane fees. The best online marketplace on the net by far!”
Elijah Hanson
“The greatest benefit that I get from GleeSee is its community. I can connect with clients around the world and GleeSee makes sure that we can work together easily.”
Theresa Burton
“You guys rock! I am completely blown away by GleeSee. Goodbye to dreading 9-5 jobs and low-quality clients. I work on projects that I love while earning more money.”
Winston Barton

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